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"I have to tell you---this has been a great service I am enjoying for two(2) months now!" You see, for a newbie like myself who has "limited resources" and meager knowhow, your quick response to querries and support was a BIG help!


I have had experienced the quickest and professional support. . This is GREAT SERVICE! I fully recommend UnlimitedWebHostingService Web Hosting services and rate it "5stars"! Thanks again for a wonderful service!


Rommel Ramos - www.privatelabelrightsunleashed.com


So far, I really like the cPanel.  I am migrating from GoDaddy's version, which is really watered down.  I love the available features, i just need to go slowly and learn them so I don't break something. I didn't actually expect any response this quick...


...I chose your hosting because of the features and value.  Your Internet Marketers Dream Package was exactly what I was looking for.  You ranked above all the others I evaluated...


...Again, thank you very much for going the extra mile to make sure my transition was successful.  It is wonderful to find such dedicated, competent customer service in an industry becoming infamous for its lack of focus on the client.


Brian Gothard - www.ShadetreeHomeBiz.com .


WOW...you guys are awesome support!  Thank you so much... I can tell you guys believe in the extra mile. .. I'm starting to fall in love.


Cheryl Gonzalez - www.CherylGonzalez.com


Thank you again for your wonderful help... I really appreciate it. You all are really wonderful and very helpful.  I look forward to a long lasting business relationship.


I'd be honored if you'd use my comment as a testimonial.  I love your service and your hosting because you provide so much extra helpful things its just awesome!


Bluedolphin Crow - www.BluedolphinCrow.com


Thanks for making me aware of this wonderful package!. I had signed up for a trial with another company that uses CPanel, and their help screen/client area is nowhere near as full as this!


I am so happy to be able to continue using UnlimitedWebHostingService. I don't know--can anyone be this happy over a web hosting company?????  :)


Thanks again!   


Gaynor Baker - www.coolthingsaboutcooking.com


You are all the best. I am going to tell everyone I know how good you all are!


Thomas Spears -www. thomasspears.net


Thank You SUPPORT Your are the BEST.... I would be proud to tell the WORLD how GREAT UnlimitedWebHostingService is.


Alan McLean - www.alan-mclean.com


I'm a seasoned businessman and I know nothing is perfect, but you've gotten this relationship off to such a phenomenal start that a little problem here and there won't bother me at all because you've already proven you're level of support is second to none...


...You folks are fast! By the time I got your email, my site was already functional.. Haven't you heard that it supposedly takes 72 hours to propagate" a new domain name? I'm impressed...


...One hopes for a good hosting provider but you've gone way beyond that already. However, in doing so, you've set a very high standard for yourselves to live up to in the future. But from what I've seen, that shouldn't be a problem for you. And thanks again...


...I always close my Webazine and other subscriber contacts with a trademarked signature. And it's never meant as much as it does now:


Success Together!

Ted Turner -www. YouNeedToGetThis.com


Thank you very much. You have been really great. It hasn't gone unnoticed and if at all possible I would like to place a small banner on my websites to help in your promotion efforts as a small token of my appreciation.


Michelle Smith - www.xprsbiz.info


Thank you very much. What a great support! I really happy with UnlimitedWebHostingService. Have a nice weekend.


Dominique. Halet - www.prosperity66.com


Thank you for the prompt service. ..I am really impressed. You do have a good selection of features;


Terry Goodman - www.terrygoodmann.com

Thanks a great deal for your outstanding customer support.

Bakari Masud - www.SpecialFreeGifts.com


Really appreciated and thank you for the quick response. Thank you again for the excellent service.


Leon Williams -www. infomonthlymillion.biz


Thanks again you guys are awesome. This is the best service I have ever had from a host getting setup you have a customer for life.


...as well as I will if ok with you I will recommend your service from superior marketing under the recommended site page.


Howard Hill - www.superior-marketing.com


You guys are fast and professional. Unlike a lot of other services on the web. I am impressed so far that's for sure.


Thank you for your prompt set up.


Dan & Elizabeth Pepper - www.businessplangold.info


Everything has gone so smoothly that I'm getting spoiled. When you become accustomed to each task being performed quickly and efficiently, I guess the natural response is thanks and praise.


In my 30 years in business, I assure you that such is seldom the norm, but more often the exception.


So since I can't seem to keep myself from thanking you for your superlative service, I also want you to feel free to use anything said at any time for your use. You may consider this email as your blanket approval.


Ted Turner - www.MultiMediaMillenium.com









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